By way of deception, thou shall do war

And indeed it is very true. As much as we like to believe that someone else is behind our problems, where there is no denial that they aren’t a part of it, however not as much a part of it, and as much as we like to point fingers at certain countries, behind the scenes Mossad is at work.

“By Way of Deception, Thou Shall do War.”

Gordon Thomas writes, Mossad- The Worlds most effective killing machine. He shows you how Mossad uses and train agents to achieve a certain goal. In another article here TBR show Mossad in action.

An excerpt from Victor Ostrovsky’s, “By way of deception”; Confessions from an Ex-Mossad Agent, he reveals the facts as he knows them from a vantage point of four years spent inside the Mossad which was by no means an easy task.

Coming from an ardent Zionist background, he had been taught that the state of Israel was incapable of misconduct. That they were the David in the unending struggle against the ever-growing Goliath. That there was no one out there to protect them but themselves – a feeling reinforced by the Holocaust survivors who lived among them.

“The new generation of Israelites, the resurrected nation on its own land after more than two thousand years of exile, were entrusted with the fate of the nation as a whole.

The commanders of our army were called champions, not generals. Our leaders were captains at the helm of a great ship. I was elated when I was chosen and granted the privilege to join what I considered to be the elite team of the Mossad.

The commanders of our army were called champions, not generals. Our leaders were captains at the helm of a great ship. I was elated when I was chosen and granted the privilege to join what I considered to be the elite team of the Mossad.

But it was the twisted ideals and self-centered pragmatism that I encountered inside the Mossad, coupled with this so-called team’s greed, lust, and total lack of respect for human life, that motivated me to tell this story.

It is out of love for Israel as a free and just country that I am laying my life on the line by so doing, facing up to those who took it
upon themselves to turn the Zionist dream into the present-day nightmare.

The Mossad, being the intelligence body entrusted with the responsibility of plotting the course for the leaders at the helm of the
nation, has betrayed that trust. Plotting on its own behalf, and for petty, self-serving reasons, it has set the nation on a collision course with all-out war.

One of the main themes of this book is Victor’s belief that Mossad is out of control, that even the prime minister, although ostensibly in charge, has no real authority over its actions …”- Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli Mossad agent.

After the bombing of Libya in 1986, Qadhafi was sure to stay out of the picture for some time. Iraq and Saddam Hussein were the next target. Mossad started now to build him up as a big villain, it took time but in the end it worked. So while the world was pointing fingers which we still see to day at certain individuals which by no means or way could have masterminded the plot, Mossad should have been the ones to take the “credit”.

Saddam regarded as moderate toward Israel, allied with Jordan, the big enemy of Iran and Syria, and yet it was a directive for Mossad to follow. Technology and equipment was allegedly sold to him through South Africa.
Mossad had all but saturated the intelligence field with information regarding the evil intentions of Saddam the Terrible, banking on the fact that before long, he’d have enough rope to hang himself. It was very clear what the Mossad’s overall goal was. It wanted the West to do its bidding, just as the Americans had in Libya with the bombing of Qadhafi. After all, Israel didn’t possess carriers and ample air power, and although it was capable of bombing a refugee camp in Tunis, that was not the same. The Mossad leaders knew that if they could make Saddam appear bad enough and a threat to the Gulf oil supply, of which he’d been the protector up to that point, then the United States and its allies would not let him get away with anything, but would take measures that would all but eliminate his army and his weapons potential, especially if they were led to believe that this might just be their last chance before he went nuclear.” Read more on What really happened

Who is behind Mossad? Do I really need to answer that question? You have read the links that show the Euphrates to the Nile and here are some Signs for those not convinced should watch and read. However how do they always get away with what they do? And why do we ignore such warnings that are so clear?

Let’s look at the media which plays the biggest role in the way a message is portrayed to an audience that is hungry for news and mainly relies on views and then you have the international finance and the way it sways politics in America.

The media and finance controllers are unelected yet they both have a tremendous influence in politics. Looking at the mass media, on the 29th October 1999, the Los Angelos Jewish Times wrote, “Four of the five entertainment giants are now run by Jews. Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp is the only gentile holdout, however Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so.”

David Duke recently covered this and covers the way the United States controls the message via mass media, finance, politics and for those who are not interested to read you can watch and decide for yourself here.

Recently I wrote an article about Hollywood and how they portrayed Arabs.  From this you can understand how the “image build up” towards the Arab and mainly muslim world has developed.

Hollywood history shows Arabs as sub human and the image of the Arab has been vilified. For the past 30 years and we have watched and paid to sit at cinema screens and we have mocked ourselves by just paying to watch image makers projecting Arabs on silver screens as thugs, buffoons that deliver cheap laughs. Hollywood has created a mythology of Arabs. A very extreme mythology. The stereotype has been so wide spread that it has become invisible to people and the reason is that we have grown up with these images.

However I still see people lining up every weekend, like I do, to “catch a movie” and by doing so we are funding our own destruction in some way.

And then you have Mossad working well with the CIA. In 2007, Nicole Bagley, from wrote The Mossad in the CIA.

“It might be of public interest to know that a significant number of Israeli Mossad agents are now working in the United States as employees of the CentralIntelligence Agency. These agents, some of whom are listed below,are initially paid by the Israeli Embassy in Washington but Israel then bills the U.S. Government for the salaries and is reimbursed in full on a monthly basis. Here is a partial listing of identified Mossad agents (as of 1 January, 2007) along with their dates of birth and salaries. They do not have American Social Security numbers and do not pay American taxes.”

Now you have seen the relationship between Mossad and the CIA and you have seen who controls the mass media, the international finance and how they control the politics.

Bahrain recently suffered in the hands of the above and had been portrayed with negative condemning reports. Fueled by propaganda after propaganda despite what many eyes saw. Yes no one here is innocent and no one can deny that unforgivable mistakes occurred however it occurred from all view points yet the mass media only covered one side of the events that took place starting the “Arab Spring” on the 14th February 2011. Perhaps that was the directives of the CIA and coherts influence on mass media.

It was very dissapointing to see a nation rapped from every corner of the world by a false one sided disproportionate view into the actual events that took place.

But then it was also strange to see if we look back at the dates how the media was quick to have live coverage interviews in place so fast and reporters on the ground some even days prior to the “event” as if already aware of what was about to occur. Yet not a single person looked at that. Not a single person questioned that. News and exaggerated views when the truth is in the eyes of every living soul that witnessed the Feb 14th “revolution” that occurred and was instigated with the assistance of… of course the American Government and of course when it comes to media, the C.I.A and then you have Mossad .


“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — William Colby, former CIA Director, quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” — CIA operative, discussing the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine the Great, by Deborah Davis

“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” — William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

“The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.” — The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein.

Now not only is the nation stricken by the C.I.A influence but also by Al Jazeera that swept through every Arab home in and around the Arab world.

Clinton was recently quoted as saying:

After a year of revolutions broadcast on Al Jazeera into homes from Rabat to Riyadh, going back to the way things were in December 2010 isn’t just undesirable. It’s impossible.

I have written yet will pass the message again:

Hillary Clinton : “I think it’s important to recognize that back when the streets of Arab cities were quiet, the National Democratic Institute was already on the ground, building relationships, supporting the voices that would turn a long Arab winter into a new Arab Spring.”

More than a quarter-century old, NDI and its siblings in the National Endowment for Democracy family have become vital elements of America’s engagement with the world.”

How very engaged with the world turning Arab “winters” (which we actually would never have if only external entities would keep their mucky hands off) into Arab “springs” and that is what they want you to believe.

President Barack Obama repeated the infamous words of George W. Bush, declaring: “We are at war…”  and before you stop want to blame individual nations for the involvement in the “Arab Spring” just  read this and I have explained who is behind this as no other entity could operate in such a way and note that America has been at War around the world in some way, shape or form ever since 1776.

And while we are in the middle of a an ocean where the bait is being thrown in, we are being by way of deception on the way to engage into war.