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@Ajam (Al Jazeera America): An Unwarranted Opinion

The case is pretty clear, a man is handed an arrest warrant for illegal activities, but some choose a different, as expected, ill-advised narrative. The writer in this case has been speculating and offering his opinion on and off on issues about Bahrain for the last few years and it seems by headlines is looking to make a name for himself rather than covering the truth.

Journalism, the real ethics of the profession has left the building as anyone can define themselves as one these days. But in this case it is not odd as the writer is not a journalist but a self directed banker, and of course in the background, like everyone that seems to exist on this planet in the present, a self directed journalist. The writer is a 24 year old, who visited Bahrain once and whose only source of information is from the opposition, so it’s shocking that Al Jazeera is allowing him to write an unsubstantiated opinion piece because a good journalist always write both sides of the story and leaves it to the readers to decide…but that’s if they are ethical journalists without an agenda or not paid to follow certain direction…but the good news is that the readers can see it from a mile away and as the saying goes… “lie to me once shame on you, lie to me twice shame on me”.

The “opinion” is really quite offensive, bordering on libel and slanderous.  It’s what you’d expect from some semi-literate, poorly educated, totally politically-polarized, agitator who is beyond a balanced comment.  That fact that a US educated, US born and brought-up, journalist writes such twaddle is depressing but not too surprising I suppose.   The bigger, more curious, issue is why AJ-US even bothered to publish it.

The blurb on him states: “Joseph Sabroski is a freelance journalist interested in US foreign policy and the Middle East. He has traveled to and written about Bahrain, and currently covers social justice movements in Minnesota. His work so far can be seen in Muftah Magazine as well as on his blog, Joseph holds a B.S. in business from the University of Minnesota.”

Despite being allegedly interested in US Foreign Policy and the Middle East – if you look at his publications list you can see that up until 3 days ago, hasn’t written a thing on Bahrain for about a year and half.  It’s difficult to see what, if anything, he writes about US FP.  He’s been concerned with the Ferguson riots in the US. The opinion was not prompted by any regular interest or contact with Bahrain – it’s purely opportunistic.  Solely to do with the anniversary events?

But mainly Sabroski is a ghost.  You don’t see his name associated with any events, conferences, think tanks etc.  He does not seem to be especially attached to any human rights organisations.  “Freelance” in this case means – alone.  And in Minnesota. Sabroski cannot it seems even lay any claim to be familiar with the Middle East in any way.  He’s been in Bahrain years ago for a visit and attended some street riots.  So he has some names in his email and Skype address book. He must have been 21 when he was in Bahrain. Would be interesting to know how he ended up going from Minnesota to Bahrain.  (Someone he met at University?)

Most of his writings are the same; very superficial; an events chronology not analysis; usually based on some specific person peg and then padded around the tale.  Standard technique of going from the very specific to the general.

It seems everyone is trying to make a name for themselves and will do anything possible and the only way is to easily criticize Bahrain, because he like many are yellow and haven’t got the guts to criticize the real kidnappings and atrocities around the world, afraid to be targeted and knowing full well that the Bahrain government would never hold a grudge or repercuss.


Despite the fact that Asma Darwish, who is the wife of the detained “activist/journalist/human rights defender/politician-every title under the book that will be used to vindicate the named” states clearly that he was arrested (the fact is that she was there at the time when the arrest was made too and was definitely told the reasons for the arrest), it seems the opinionated writer has gone along with his own, despite the fact that it was made pretty clear.

The latest opinionated piece as stated by @ajam “With kidnapping, Bahrain follows ISIL playbook ” obviously without a doubt came from the original source who finds that freedom of speech and expression is the freedom to dangerously lie. The source probably picked it up from an “ old friend” (Chalabi) the man behind the “weapons of mass destruction” and the results of that can be seen pretty clearly, and we know the direction this false allegations are attempting to pave the way for.

khA billboard depicting the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was erected recently on the edge of Baghdad’s Firdaus Square. (Liz Sly/ The Washington Post)


The source joined the “campaign” as expected as he is the originator of the dangerous deluded false allegations. The situation must be getting desperate to continuously spew lies. One would wonder for what? What do they get out of this? What do they earn? And what is their real reward for the sale of what they call their nation? The picture above despite all the denials is pretty clear when you deal with the likes of an old friend..


Knowingly the “journalist” retweets the answer to his question …


… and yet continues with his narrative


And despite the fact of the already published opinion, he then funnily goes on to ask  “@moi_bahrain It would be great to get a statement…. Where is he?” …..




Like everything else, the writer seems confused, running around in questions he already answered himself…

Much to amusement is the sources he relies on. The falsity of the “peaceful  narrative”, the “peaceful protests”. Like this?

Much to question is also the sources he quotes, like “author” Hussain Abdulla of the Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain who writes that  “western countries appear to be employing the ‘stability over democracy’ approach in the Gulf,” as combating ISIL is seen as a bigger priority.

Such a source that like many has oddly turned to “activism and journalism” raises many questions as to their credibility. In 2012 Mr Abdulla along with his brother gas stations were raided despite being  previously warned that illegal substances needed to be removed from their shelves. According to the police, they obtained search warrants and confiscated 533 packets of synthetic-marijuana products( — commonly known as “spice” — are leafy natural herbs sprayed with harmful chemicals) and cash from the stores and from Husain Abdulla’s home. The effects of smoking the drug, officials say, go beyond a marijuana-like high, causing psychotic behaviors. The illegal drugs were hidden under the counter or in back rooms. Read more here Mobile police seize “spice”.


Someone sitting in Minnesota with access to the Internet has strung a 300 word story together based on cutting/pasting some Tweets and a (presumably inferred, short) Skype conversation with the arrested person’s wife (hardly an impartial and unemotional source at the best of times; guaranteed not to be if spoken to while distraught waiting news of her husband. All that aside from her known status as prominent political oppositionist). This much has then been published.

The story itself is full of self-contradictions.  The “masked gunmen” who are not anonymous after all, but are CID policemen; the “kidnapping” that obviously is not as the masked men are police officers and everyone knows where the arrested person has gone and is – even his lawyer knows where he is;  tortured people don’t get to make phone calls. …….

However, the wider nonsense is what sets the tone: highly emotive, pejorative and judgmental wording throughout – mostly just ridiculous slander.  “Dictatorship”; “masked gunmen”;  “kidnapping”; direct comparisons with ISIL, jihadiis and ISIL methods;  “notorious for torture”; putting people in cages.

That is supplemented by the exaggerated drama:  being held incommunicado for 8-10 hours – what’s the big deal?   In the UK the police can hold anyone arrested for as long as 36 hours without giving them access to a lawyer and if they think you are a terrorist that becomes 48 hours.  That sort of procedure is EU-wide.    If you get arrested in Eastern Europe for anything serious – good luck to you, you’ll need it.

And what’s the big hoo-hah about “masks” – sadly, this is now a standard procedure for most regular not even special police operations in Western Europe and big city US/Canada.   There are various reasons why it has become so; being a device to “scare” or frighten people is probably about the last reason on the list. Or the implied sinister underhandedness about the police officers being in civilian clothes…….  Detectives usually do not wear uniforms.

As for the willfully misleading:   “Feb. 14 marked the fourth anniversary of Bahrain’s failed uprising and was predictably marked by violent clashes between security forces and protesters who have become disillusioned by the limits of peaceful political expression”. That clearly directs the reader that the protestors are being violent because, over time, they have become disillusioned and thus have no other recourse open to them; whereas everyone knows street rioting has been going on for some years. There’s nothing new or recent or gradual about it.

The whole thing is just completely fabricated nonsense from non credible sources.  A typical product of the mindless, “twitterocracy”. Some HR activist or agitator has pushed out a 1-sentence tweet; that gets replicated by the fellow travelers and the collective bundle then gets packaged by Sabroski as a news event.

Wonder what they are all on?

Human Rights First: How to Bring Stability to Bahrain

Human Rights First (HRF) recent published a report attempting to introduce a “new” strategy on “How to Bring Stability to Bahrain” can be simply be summed up with, “If this is the best they can come up with – then nothing, for any party, will be coming out of it.”

Here we go again… It is old news; unquestioned news; superficial; selective; not in any serious way analytical – assertions and slogans instead of coherent assessment; muddled; and mostly just naive. It’s not a Blueprint; it’s not anything. The “Recommendations” are merely a brain-dump wish list of an ideal world asserted actions. This only has nuisance value in that it keeps the pot boiling in the public’s eye; and as a summary-in-one-place wide overview reference for anyone (e.g. some US Senator or journalist) looking for a fast read on the topic.

If “Bahrain is amongst Washington’s most repressive allies…” HRF and Brian Dooley have not been looking very long, very far or very hard. In fact one would be wondering if they were looking anywhere else in the world.

Why would it be a criticism of any sort, never mind a valid one of any substance, or a surprise to find that Bahrain has “pointedly developed relationships with US rivals like China, Cuba, Russia…”. Why “pointedly”? Define “relationship”? Why would advanced countries involved in a global economy, e.g. Bahrain, not have relationships with China or Russia? Cuba may be and is many things but one thing it is not and never has been is a “rival” to the US.

As the authors of this are intellectually vapid they have a mono-sentence understanding of the relationships between the big words they freely bandy-about such as e.g. “political solution”; “stability”; “reform”. In their simple world e.g. reform in and of itself is a political solution and implicitly by definition brings stability. Well, it might, then again it might not.

“The Bahrain ruling elite looks far from a reliable friend to the United States”. Do they mean the Bahrain Government or the ruling elite? “Reliable” as defined how and by whom? “Friendship” does tend to be an elastic concept; if friendships were based on fixed monolithic items, personal or Governmental, they would not last long. That’d be too fragile.

Having belaboured the point that Bahrain is the smallest country in the Middle East/GCC, with an economy that is in dire straits (and needs reform…) one wonders why or what the economic value then is of any alliance with it? Especially as the centres of economic gravity have moved disproportionately and irredeemably to the UAE.

In these words Bahrain is a blip on the edge of where the real action is. But yet “a healthy Bahrain economy would be good news for US business interests..”. This self-contradictory revelation is then backed up a paltry 5 examples; 3 of which are service companies who could just as easily run their GCC offices from elsewhere. Our writer seems confused as well as scratch-surface shallow.

Human Rights First and certainly Mr Dooley himself seem unfocused and eclectic. In all the things they specialise in on their list – mostly themes and topics – (only) 5 countries are named. Why 5? Why any? Those being Syria, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia – and Bahrain. What’s the string of commonality?

HRF is interested in themes and it is US-centric. It is not, say, like International Crisis Group, some outfit who could deploy staff with a weight of local X or Y country knowledge. HRF do not seem in any specific way to be connected in regular business to any of the usual names.

Brian himself is a mirror of that organisational misplaced and unfocused generality. His country knowledge and most of his personal history is restricted to Western circumstance. He’s an administrator; when it comes to the action-end he’s a dabbler. A bit of this; a bit of that. Writes his “400 words” on a range of diverse topics.

The unexplained curiosity is why he has latched onto Bahrain? It cannot just be because of his US political background – there are many countries he could have picked that have links-problems with the United States.

Is it simply because he sees it as an opportunity – as no-one else in HRF is attracted to it? And in general it’s a new topic? Can he make a name for himself…… A niche as “Mr Bahrain”? Free invites to all the discussion groups, forums and meetings?

Is it because Bahrain is a compact topic with easy access to English language information – it would be more difficult for him to do Syria or Egypt or…( shouldn’t underestimate that hurdle; with his very limited overseas CV and field background experience he can only go to certain places. He can “do” Bahrain from sitting at a desk in Washington).

Is it just, or partly fueled by, vindictiveness and revenge – he’s angry because Bahrain banned him and refused entry?

Thoughts anyone?

Bahrain, A Call for Moderation

The need for peace lies within the hearts of all of us, it lies in every one of us and no one can sort the issues or comprehend the details or conceptualize what we are facing except us. We only need to look and see the trials we are facing each and every day spread by foreign news and views as well as suggestions on our small community.

Why do we sit back allowing minor radical elements sitting comfortably across the sea to dictate to us what they expect of us, what they see as reform. It is understood and appreciated that they mean well to suggest their own ways for a solution, however they don’t actually fully understand what is really going on in Bahrain. Only Bahrainis understand what is going on in Bahrain and we see what is happening elsewhere. We only need to click on the website to see that they don’t live better lives than we do, there are issues and problems arising everywhere. The system they want to impose has done nothing to improve the lives of their citizens. They barely have a quarter of the benefits we have. Bahrain has a lot to offer and is still a country where you can achieve your goals, which is something that many nations cannot boast about.

We live in a very tolerant society where citizens and expatriates can practice their religion freely and are treated equally. There are no sects written on a passport, there is no religion written on an identification card. There has never been a need for consensus, because Bahrain does not identify, judge or persecute a person according to their beliefs.

There are Europeans, Americans and Asians that have made Bahrain their home. We are a multicultural society which has made this island special and open to all. You only need to ask, once people come, they never want to leave. That’s the rare beauty of Bahrain we need to maintain.

We don’t need a few extremists dictating how we should and shouldn’t live, how they feel the urge and need for us to adhere to their demands making every effort for us to be like them by radical minority terror  movements. Redressing wrongs has never solved anything. Had what occurred in Bahrain happened elsewhere, it would be over by now and yet it’s not, because of tolerance that many do not comprehend.

We don’t need interference as if we are not human enough to think and feel what we want for ourselves. This is our issue, our problem and together we can find a solution. We are educated enough to think for ourselves and four years on, this experience for all has been the best education that this is not the correct path. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s local or international, an act of terrorism is not the correct mean or method into bending into demands.

Our streets should be united not divided, we are and have always been one family.

As Bahrainis we live side by side, many of us went to school together, university together, weddings and burials together so why is it that we can’t seem to deal with one another? Where is the middle ground? The moderate voice? The middle man/woman?  What do we really want? We all want peace, we want our children to be raised without fear, without hatred, without labels and without an external entity telling us what to do. If we continue silent out of fear, this will be the result.

Where are the moderate voices?  The voices that want an end to the extreme violence that surrounds our daily lives that benefits only external beneficiaries looking for a replica of Iraq. Do we want to live like that? Do we want to be labelled as collateral damage? Do we want to be known and used as numbers for extremists? Do we want to be the headline news of daily suicide bombings, killings, terrorist attacks? Because that is where we are heading if we don’t take serious action now.

Haven’t we seen enough? Violence begets violence and it is in our hands to put a stop to this. Civil unrest will not solve the grievances. Exchanging rude remarks to one another and pleas around the world won’t solve this. We may never have complete peace although we have lived in peace before. Every soul that has departed hurts everyone of us, even when we don’t admit it, we feel it. We don’t need anymore pain.

The moderate voices should start speaking up and attempt discussions in areas affected in order to examine the alternatives to civil unrest which could escalate to civil war. How will chaos solve anything? It never has in the past, and it won’t now. We should not allow a radicalized minority with an agenda using terror to dictate to us. We shouldn’t allow media to label us because we all know that this is a false projection. There are many Shia in Bahrain who are pro government, and there are many with moderate voices who don’t accept violence and who do speak up against it, the problem is a small minority drowns the voices when they do.

Any form of civil unrest which could lead to war and destruction is the failure of our civilization. It is a success to external invested interests that we fall apart. It is a failure of our obligation to one another. It is also a failure on the part of moderate voices to reach out and speak to those inflicting unrest addressing the roots of the crisis.

I don’t intend to place labels and I will apologize if I ever have. I don’t believe that we have come to an extent where we just hate. I believe in the old saying, “Never hate a man so much, he could become your best friend”.

There are no differences between us, and a slight difference here or there should not allow brutal disputes, disruption or anarchy. We have with the Almighty’s mercy, the power of speech, the power of thought and the power of ideas. But these cannot flourish when we allow others to dictate their expectations.

We don’t need external meddling or interventions, we need private internal discussions and dialogue.

On the 3rd of February, 2012 Middle East Voices conducted a poll based on an article written by Bahrain Views .”AGREE? Bahrain Citizens Write Letter to US Congress Denouncing Protesters”

The online publication has posted a letter to U.S. Congress in which the citizens of Bahrain, as its signatories, denounce the actions of “peaceful protesters” against the kingdom’s civilian population and its police forces. They also accuse local human rights activists of misrepresenting the situation in Bahrain for their own political gain.

The poll closed with 52.69% agreeing with the points raised in the article.

Untitled (Recovered)

“Bahrain has taken some positive steps with respect to human rights in recent months however it has been very difficult to progress with reforms with the constant vicious vandalism and terror attacks that have occurred over the last few months on the civilian population and police force. Progress and reforms can only occur when it comes from all sides. We have been subjected to crimes, attacks, sabotage on an everyday base and as your administration is quite aware of.”

Not much has changed since then in terms of protests, vandalism and terror attacks. As for those advocating for democracy then act democratic and adhere to the majority voters in the poll. One is quite sure that if a poll was held again the percentage will be even higher this time around condemning the protests as anything but peaceful… If only the moderates will speak up, if only the moderates will start approaching this and demanding to be heard, if only the moderates would start attempting grass root discussions, we wouldn’t need a poll in the first place.

Let’s not be fooled, there is no such thing as a peaceful protest in Bahrain. Every protest in Bahrain has been anything but peaceful. The protests are intentional peace destroyers and have nothing to do with demanding rights, it has nothing to do with sect, It is a form of  bullying into demands via terrorizing everyone else.

It is a form of purpose disorder to disrupt the moderates, split families apart, create sectarian tensions, destroy the economy and with it daily lives of those who have no idea why they are protesting anymore.

It has everything to do with creating civil unrest, destruction, divide, external rule, under the pretense of pretending they want what’s best for us where in reality it is the selfish demands for foreign controlled backed individuals political power and control who use and radicalize our youth to fight their battles.

There are many moderate voices out there. Speak up. There are many who want their lives back, there are many that want the freedom to choose and not be forced or used because of their sect or status by radicals. There are many that want to improve their futures via unity and education and definitely not via violence.


Front Line Defenders Incubating a Lie

I barely have the time to scratch my head, let alone sit down and write, but sometimes when lies need to be refuted and corrected, someone has to sit down and respond and question the fabricated headlines that cause damage to individuals, an entire nation and not just the government.

Front Line Defenders recently published an article entitled Government of Bahrain sees no difficulty exporting recruits to ISIS while jailing a human rights defender for a Tweet. The content of the article has nothing to really do with the headlines apart from mimicking what they regularly refer to as a prominent source. In order to catch attention of those unaware, the striking propaganda style headline would make someone unaware of the happenings in Bahrain assume the worst.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the entry by a number of Bahraini members of Parliament (MPs) to Syrian territories had taken place without any prior knowledge or coordination with the Ministry and without their having submitted any application for permission nor informing the Ministry ahead of that visit.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the entry by a number of Bahraini members of Parliament (MPs) to Syrian territories had taken place without any prior knowledge or coordination with the Ministry and without their having submitted any application for permission nor informing the Ministry ahead of that visit.

They showed no proof whatsoever to back up such a headline apart from this particular source who forgot to research previous headlines from 2012.

Prior to Front Line Defenders headlines the Ministry of Interior detained a group of people who traveled to Syria and are investigating their links with foreign terrorist groups.

Front line defenders is a supposed human rights defender, not a dictating judge and jury. There is no need to incubate a  lie in order to do your job. Governments are not responsible for individual acts and these individual acts happen everywhere.

Like every NGO they seem to have this special immunity to say whatever they want in order to defame governments and individuals they disagree with, because they have the power and backing to do so. They seem to have this special kind of “wasta” they complain about when it does not suit or include them.




Note:The Bahrain protests, like those of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Myanmar, North Korea, Thailand, and beyond, were trained, equipped, and supported by the US State Department. Leading opposition organizations, such as the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, are partnered directly with US State Department-funded fronts like the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) while a high-profile self-proclaimed leader of the protests, Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, was regional coordinator of “Frontline Defenders,” a Ford Foundation, Freedom House,  Open Society Institute-funded “human rights” advocacy group.

Image: Screenshot from Front Line Defenders – yet another disingenuous “human rights” advocacy front funded by Fortune 500 corporate foundations, including the US State Department-funded Neo-Conservative-lined Freedom House,  the Ford Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and the Sigrid Rausing Trust. Note the “Hunger Strike for Freedom” banner on the right-hand side for Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja. The Bahrain protests are a carbon-copy Western destabilization as seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria.


From the Middle East to our own hemisphere? What happened Senator Rubio?

On the 13th of May, 2014, U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), both members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act of 2014, a bipartisan effort to block the terrorist organization’s financing and limit the group’s access to logistical support.

According to them, Hezbollah has been a dangerous and destabilizing force in the Middle East and around the world for more than three decades, committing countless acts of terrorism, violence and intimidation.

“From the Middle East to our own hemisphere, Hezbollah, backed by its state sponsor Iran, threatens the United States, our allies, and our interests,” Senator Rubio



However, on January 6th 2015, Sen. Rubio Urges Kerry to Call for al-Wefaq Leader’s Release. Seems a little odd following his statement less than a year ago stating; “This legislation highlights the diverse illicit activities Hezbollah engages in to finance its operations and ensures that the United States is using all the tools at our disposal to shut down its networks, wherever they exist.”

What about the network in Bahrain? It certainly exists. Has a few months changed the Senators view where he acknowledged the dangers of Hezbollah as a dangerous and destabilizing force in the Middle East and yet is ignorant to same in Bahrain?

Senator Marco Rubio’s letter to Secretary of State John Kerry to “personally urge the government of Bahrain to immediately release AlWefaq’s Secretary General Ali Salman for merely exercising his God-given rights to freedom of expression and assembly, and to drop all charges against him and other Bahrainis” comes either as a hypocritical stand or a stand that makes no sense given his active stand against Hezbollah, which he labels as a terrorist organization.

One would question if the Senator knows Ali Salman and the link he has with Hezbollah. Or perhaps it is in his interest to turn a blind eye?

Ali Salman(left) Hassan Nasrallah Hezbollah (right)

“Hezbollah is one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations and we must block the group’s access to financial and logistic support,” Senator Shaheen. “In addition to being responsible for the murder of hundreds of American citizens, Hezbollah continues to sponsor terrorism across the globe and destabilize the Middle East, particularly through its support to President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime in Syria. This legislation makes clear that Hezbollah’s supporters and enablers will face consequences.” Read the rest here and here.

Perhaps Senator Rubio forgets how many marines died, many from his own district of Florida.

In a recent video Nasrallah, Secretary General Lebanon Hezbollah, incites people to fight and calls for the release of Ali Salman.

Will the Senator change his stance now or diffuse the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act of 2014?

Begin with how

Imagine a fire burning, before we investigate the cause of the flames, we must first extinguish them. There are always questions that will be raised like what and why, and we always seem to tackle the why and what with many reasons like victimization, poverty or unemployment. And then there is politics. The want for political power, the want for control.

In order to truly establish what and why we must begin with how. How do we extinguish those flames? How do we deal with those who pour fuel on fire. How are we going to take up the challenges in order to thoroughly investigate the what and why and act upon it justly.

Ignorance won’t make it disappear, neither will arrogance or pride…we need to deal with it. We need to deal with it together, everyone should be involved.

In the words of James Baldwin; “The man that needs to be feared most in society is the man who has nothing to lose”… So give people something to lose. Install meaning in meaningless lives. Give society a purpose because if we don’t have a purpose, we don’t have a life.

Since the onset of the Arab spring, we have had nothing to show except violence. Violence and vengeance a repetitive cycle that has no end. And because of that, we have been labelled with every negative term from brutal to barbaric.

If we look at the underlying facts, the terrorist groups around the globe that we have today are for political reasons not religious reasons, so why is it that religion is placed in the forefront? One of the answers is because we allow it. We allow labels, we even label ourselves. In order to deal with how, we need to erase these terms.

Religion is always immediately condemned (especially in the case of Islam) and labels are placed on this and that where in fact religion is not responsible for wars. Religion is not responsible for crime. Religion is not responsible for hatred.

From a religious perspective, most of violence stems from religious ignorance and a shallow understanding.

We only need to thoroughly study history to know that the crusades occurred because of the economic bankruptcy of Europe. And then look at the Marxist revolutions, the Tamil tigers and the Japanese kamikazes. What did they have to do with religion? There are also many places across the world that oppress people under a secular regime.

It is human nature, not religion. Human greed, human envy, human lust for power.  Stop the labeling.. If we give people their dignity, they would reciprocate with respect. Is it too hard? It’s a far better choice than destructive chaos.

We cannot lay the blame elsewhere, “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”, because these things would not occur if it wasn’t already installed in us. Societies have hatred placed in their hearts about people they disagree with from their very first breath.

This is not just about the Arab Spring or the Arab world. This has become a global phenomena. Violence, is at the roots of the human condition. Civilization has become sick, and Islam has become the victim. As Muslims, we are being portrayed at the forefront of this condition despite the fact that Muslims are not more violent than people of other religions.

We have only ourselves to blame as we have lowered ourselves to extreme extents that we have become a modern coliseum. We are aired live around the world as a bloody battlefield, into the homes of billions of people across the globe. The spectators only understanding of who we really are, is what they see in their living rooms. We need to put an end to this, we need to change people’s perceptions.

But first, we need to change ourselves.

We all should make an effort to incline towards reconciliation. If people incline towards reconciliation, then incline with them and Tawakal al Allah(place our trust in God), if they want to deceive you, God is enough for you.

Peace is precious, peace over pride, and whoever reaches out for peace, the other should reciprocate.

Immediate circumstances is how we address this. We should all be part of the solution not part of the problem. One can guide those who are innocently ignorant but it should be done before it becomes arrogant ignorance.

We don’t need to blow things up for independence. We don’t need to demonstrate. We need to sit down and discuss, with an open mind and an open heart. Peace is the appropriate environment to address our issues, and this cannot be done with violence around you.

Civil unrest will not solve the grievances. While we can’t have complete peace, we must first attempt to establish peace in order to address the issues. The whole community should be involved in this discussion in order to examine the alternatives to civil unrest which could escalate to civil war and spread into a regional war.

War and destruction is the failure of civilization.

This is a long process, not a short term plan, but if we start now, we can gradually end the crisis. We should use our energy to improve ourselves not destroy ourselves. People that carry religion are responsible for how they use this energy. Respond to those using energy negatively and forward a valid response to change them to positive energy.

Stop for a second and think. Where is the sense in all of this? Where is our compassion towards one another? Where is our morality? Where are our ethics? What happened to our faith? Where is our mercy towards one another?

We are fighting one another for something that did not and will not bring us any dignity, but brings with it disgrace. Something that never gave us any strength, but is making us weak. Something that is dividing us, instead of uniting us.

Something that will bring about no good.


The cloak of deception

Welcome to a world where people choose titles and terms and all in the name of religion by deceiving the weak and over powering the poor in the name of Islam. Over the last few decades but more recently so, we have seen men in turbans, men in suits with women covered from top to toe and women in suits, calling under the banner of Islam for democracy.

So let me make some clarifications, Democracy isn’t Islamic, let us be honest with ourselves and stop pretending that it is. Democracy is a system and Islam has brought us a completely different system. Shura system is an Islamic government system. The Shura Council is the council of elite Muslim scholars that are consulted by the ruler in the matters of the State.

So if you plan on wearing the cloak of claiming to be an Islamic scholar and you call for pro-democracy uprisings, then remove it while you call for it or wear it and call it what it is and stop calling it democracy and call it Shura, but stop fooling the mild and weak in the name of religion who die not in the name of God almighty or in the name of truth but in the name of your political gain under your cloaked deception.

Ibn Khaldun Center recently released a report ” Ibn Khaldun Center’s report on Muslim Brotherhood violence, violations and terror attacks in Egypt from 30/6/2013 until 25/12/2013 the date Muslim Brotherhood organization was declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government.” Unfortunately there has been little coverage on this as expected however, when I read it, the question that arose is what is the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Wefaq with their umbrella opposition and their highly critical false information, yet to be retracted.

The similarities are visible in the way the international mass media and NGO’s covered only one side of the story and might I add the Muslim Brothers, foreign press and human rights organizations fabricated stories about the Brotherhood victims which resulted from the disengagement of the armed sits-in. Ibn Khaldun Center also exposed the forged photos that MB and Aljazeera Channel of Qatar used to convince the world opinion that the disengagement was a massacre, using images of victims from Syria, Libya and south Africa. It also exposed Muslim Brotherhood faked interviews through Aljazeera, using women and children to address false stories to the world. Sounds familiar?

Al Wefaq, like the Muslim Brotherhood was the source and still is the source that markets the misleading and dramatic images worldwide, to date with no media retraction or expansion. They have cried victim where they were the perpetrators. (Read more about Al Wefaq misleading the public here ) .

To those who take time to read, we are living in very crucial times, many of the decisions that we make today will have profound influence on our families and the world we are living in. So we need to ask ourselves, before we take any decision, where are we headed and what are we pursuing and are those correct decisions and what are they based on.

This article is directed at Muslims. Why? Because everywhere you look today Islam is used as a front for an underlying deception and the whole Muslim community is affected by the actions of a few. Due to those actions Islam becomes distorted and Muslims become persecuted both physically and psychologically as the images sent around the world show a distorted image of what Islam and Muslims represent. The titles carried by a few as well as their misconduct reflect upon all of us. For example Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, a subject I have written about before with their birth and their origins and when their selfish gains becomes a revolution.

Previously I did not touch on the brotherhood, however as I felt the need to understand and research the organization Shaykh Muhammad Aamaan Al-Jaamee  clarified my questions as did other Islamic Scholars before I commented and before I base an opinion of which many may not be too pleased with, but it is an opinion that I stand with following researching which has bought me to this conclusion.

First, as Muslims, we must look at events not only on the surface but we must have the ability to look at what lies beneath and within. In short, start reading between the lines. The best way to do that is to return to our source and to the revelation that was sent as a mercy to mankind by Allah Suphan wa ta’ala through the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As Muslims we should understand that there is nothing worthy of worship but Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth and that we were not put on this earth to worship men and it is our duty to search for the truth. We are in the process of being gradually severed at the roots and it is visible to the extent of the differences amongst us and the divisions that are present in our society today.  Who created the divide and rule foreign policy? Ask yourselves, who is the beneficiary of divisions amongst us?

There is a global culture being forced down our throats and what we need to comprehend is that Islam stands up to that global culture, however with the deep divisions we are so embedded in fighting one another that we lose sight of the real enemy. Unfortunately there are sources that are being used to engage the Muslim world with this global culture, this “new worlds” order and in order to do that they use their stooges around the world to promote democracy that they have yet to apply back home.

Previously I covered how the “Canvas” was clear in Bahrain and a click a way it becomes more clear around the world from Egypt  to Ukraine. There is a deceptive cloak that is being worn to fool nation upon nation into a new global culture, one world, one economy, pluralism. Beware of those who speak of fraternity, equality and liberty and think and search for the truth before we are stripped of our identity. Men of cloaks, remove your cloaks and put on your swim wear and comprehend when you call for a democracy that you understand the term according to RAND “A commitment to democracy as understood in the liberal western tradition”.

What is the difference between Al Wefaq, National Islamic Society and the Muslim Brotherhood when they call for democracy? What is the difference when they call people to prayer and yet want to adopt western ideals and western man-made laws? “For the people, by the people”- Where does it state in the Quran for the people, by the people?

Today we are facing the biggest battle and a trial and test of our strengths and weaknesses. Media, what do we do? We are fighting an old war with new technology. While the rest of the Arab and Islamic world has fallen prey to war and civil strife, the Arabian Gulf has managed to remain steady despite the constant bombardment of the western controlled media and old as well as newly propped up NGO’s constantly applying pressure via lobbying and articles without providing the full case or the complete picture.

By now we should comprehend that NGO’s are missionaries of empire . It has been written time and time again. They have been and are currently being used as tools of western foreign policy which is promoting ideologies that distort the Muslim world dividing us into camps.

The Political system of the world has failed, socialism has failed, and capitalism is failing, so now we come to this global culture, this “New World” and with them they bring globalism, and like all the other “isms” will fail too, but we must not sit on the sidelines waiting, we must do our part and reject their Bidah (innovation) not pretend to accept it for selfish conclusions.

Western powers are involved in a war that is both a battle of ideas and a battle of arms. While they would like us to believe that it is a war in which, ultimate victory will be achieved only when extremist ideologies are discredited in the eyes of their host populations and passive supporters, there is one point they failed to refer to. The most passive supporters of extreme ideologists are the western nations who have facilitated them, and upon failure, granted amnesty to them.

To the Arab and Islamic world, Allah Suphan wa ta’ala said (O mankind! We have created you from a single male and female, and We made you into different nations and tribes that you may come to know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you to Allah is that (believer) who has the most taqwaa3 (the most pious). Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.) [49:13]

Get away from the diseases of nationalism, tribalism, different ethnicities, different languages that may lead to differences among us where in reality they should be a reason of our strength and share and spread knowledge which is the greatest power that diffuses disunity.

Suggested reading Ibn Katheer’s – Book of The End – Great Trials and Tribulations


Considering what we have been through

The Kingdom of Bahrain, what I would like to term the “Golden Gateway to the Gulf.”

Due to its size and centrality the Kingdom of Bahrain has attracted international organizations from every region across the globe. Bahrain, central to trade with a historical position as a leading regional airport and transit hub, still remains a leader in Islamic Banking and Finance.

For those who are unaware, the Kingdom hosts a multinational society with diverse backgrounds, different ethnicities, different languages, and all who flock to the Bahrain have one thing in common. Initially people come for job security but after a few weeks of settling in, many call Bahrain home and love the nation more than their countries of origin.

While some look at the influx of expatriates as a weakness, to me, it is a sign of strength. The expatriates are what I like to term as ambassadors in the region. Their love of the nation reflects in their travels encouraging others to visit and see for themselves what Bahrain has to offer.

Today, despite the ongoing unrest used as a political maneuvering tool in order to gain control and power, Bahrain remains a global choice as a business hub and continues to attract Foreign Direct Investments. Much to the distress of the opposition and their affiliates abroad, the Kingdom has managed to remain steady, that in itself is an achievement, and is one of the most family friendly, affordable places in the region to set up business as well as to settle family in and remains the gateway to success.

Over the 20-year history of the Index, Bahrain has been consistently rated one of the “mostly free” economies achieving economic freedom scores above 70. Overall, the Kingdom is ranked 13th out of 178 economies worldwide, between the US and the UK which rank 12th and 14th respectively and is the only Mena country to rank in the top 20.

Much to the distress of the opposition, haven’t they yet realized, that if it was meant to be, they would have succeeded in 2011? Their failure to recognize the multiple voices condemning their actions, the multiple voices disinterested in their agenda, the multiple voices opposing them pledging their support of the government.

Their ignorance and arrogance will achieve nothing.

Constructive change would have happened a long time ago if someone in the opposition had actually suggested something constructive rather than destructive. So stop and ask yourselves, what is their real intention?

There is a system in place,and there are people who are not happy with it and there are people that are happy with it, however when reading the objectives of  the opposition attempting to portray something  that is fundamentally better, the reality is that they are covertly establishing their own brand of sectarian rule.

Three years on… the same stories, same timeline, reused same old hash tags. Funnily enough mainly the same people, same  western academics, a few new wannabes, a few has beens, the same attacks, the same response, the same opposition stance, the same opposition complaints, the same non opposition response, the same remarks coming out of the UN, the EU not falling far behind. The NDI whispering and encouraging, not in the interests of the people of Bahrain, but in the interest as always of the United States elite. We can give them the benefit of the doubt and say perhaps they are ignorant but in reality they are far from it.

While we cannot have peace without compromise, while we cannot tame the hearts without concessions, while we cannot ignore citizens when one wants to move forward, we cannot do so with the ongoing physical and verbal threats. Nothing comes with force, nothing comes with political threats. There is a majority who will not forget the days and nights and the horrors they were coerced into, that they suffered in silence and what the mass media forgot to mention.

There are always two sides to every story, the question is, which one is the world listening to? That is the ultimate device that makes a difference in their condoning and condemnation.

My take on this.. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, It doesn’t matter what they say, this is a journey that we are all involved in, whether we like it or not, this is a conflict that we must deal with ourselves and in the end what really matters is what we the people of Bahrain think. Considering what we have been through.. I think we are doing well.


Bahrain Has Shown Enough Goodwill

First Bahrain has shown good will and despite the constant attacks and threats from violent protesters that have yet to show any good faith, was still going into the postponed dialogue. The violent protests have resulted in many members of the communities’ interruption of their daily lives and their freedom to accessibility as well as being threatened and injured by these violent attacks.

Many of these attacks have never been condemned by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International or any other international organisation who rely on individuals and foreign paid media monitoring who have distributed highly critical false information which has yet to be retracted.

While opposition members announce that they don’t agree with violence, they have yet to officially condemn those who are involved and yet validate their real stance when they work in the defense of violent protesters when they are arrested. Again despite the government and political societies attempts, the National Dialogue was cancelled after a “no-show” by the opposition.

The recent step issued by the Ministry of Justice is one that should have been implemented years ago and the stance is welcomed by the Bahrain majority who want an end to the anarchy and interference from foreign diplomatic guests.

When it comes to the constant call from human rights bias activists such as Brian Dooley and POMED  who claims this is a “repressive measure” and in his words a “shocking interference in the work of diplomats and embassies” he forgets to note that diplomats and embassies are not located in countries in order to discuss internal matters of that country with members of the public or opposition in any political form or manner which has resulted in the current chaos.

In December 1965, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a “Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States and the Protection of their Independence and Sovereignty,” according to which “no state has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other state . . .” and “no state shall organize, assist, foment, finance, incite or tolerate subversive, terrorist or armed activities directed toward the violent overthrow of another state, or interfere in civil strife in another state.” Yet again we are witnessing throughout the world activities violating all the rules laid down in this Declaration.  Hans J Morgenthau 

The Kingdom of Bahrain does not have to answer to anyone especially at this sensitive time and there should be no disruption when a nation is trying, although it is difficult with the constant interference both internally and externally, to move forward.

At best you will Nod, Agree and Discard

How Ironic that the first people to speak up about human rights in the Middle East are based in countries around the world that make up for more innocent human deaths due to their wars, in the interest of their livelihood, their “national security”, their corporation greed and their imperialistic governments that govern the world by threats. The world is their playground and they are not only bullying their way into the world resources by any means but also into cultures, traditions and religions imposing their own concept of what should or should not be practiced.

Their decades of ongoing masquerade in the name of democracy promotion in the Arab world and although they deny their involvement let me put it into perspective in the words of Hillary Clinton.

“I think it’s important to recognize that back when the streets of Arab cities were quiet, the National Democratic Institute was already on the ground, building relationships, supporting the voices that would turn a long Arab winter into a new Arab Spring.”

In my own opinion I think it’s important to recognize that those streets would have remained an Arab spring and not what is now an Arab winter if it hadn’t been for the NDI and their involvement. Now if it still hasn’t registered they also want to reinvent Islam in order to avoid a “clash of civilizations” they claim. If that doesn’t have your temperature rising then you’re on the wrong side of history and you have probably forgotten your final destination and at this point you may have even lost your soul.

In more words other than Hillary Clinton and after a thorough research conducted by the Stanley Foundation  the following was also deciphered;

“No country in the world has benefited more from the worldwide advance of democracy than the United States. Not all autocracies are or have been enemies of the United States, but every American enemy has been an autocracy” Does that make any sense yet?

When they aren’t travelling around whispering on the ground churning “Arab winters” into “Arab springs” they are supporting (basically funding any form of selfish greedy individuals they call opposition for their constructive chaos) voices that remain insistent on trying to explain democracy through their various “channels” on their social corporate owned media.

Here is a message they need to understand and know and that is that we all know what democracy is, democracy has been with us for hundreds of years now, not with them unfortunately as their form of democracy that they are trying to impose is far from the sense of the word and what really exists is a representative democracy.

They have yet to comprehend Arabia, Arab tribal affairs and consensus among the people who are part of tribes which is a far greater democratic affair then they will ever know or really understand.

In fact Arabia was at its peak and as an example when Islam was introduced and practiced, slavery was abolished, justice was at its glory and people had the freedom to practice their religion and follow their beliefs. Now don’t go and pull me a verse or a line in a Surah to prove me wrong, read the whole Quran and the hadiths before you claim to understand Islam or God almighty’s given laws.

Remember the dark ages in Europe? Islam bought about the renaissance (rebirth) of Europe, yet still we encounter the ignorant masses who believe we are misinformed Bedouins sitting in a camel in the middle of an oasis similar to the times of Lawrence of Arabia which is constantly quoted in western media, so I will explain again that we know democracy is and the “by the people and for the people” and that we don’t want your form of democratic facade which is imposed without consulting or consensus by picking and choosing while funding who will fulfill western forceful man-made laws and concepts in order to rule by the gun.

Look deep into the United States foreign policy which is well known where they either murder people they disagree with in order to mute them or  “murder” their personality via their mass media campaigns spoiling their image. Yemen is a very good example where they rule the sea and the sky and drone accidentally innocent villagers they disagree with.

For the “activists” who market their “modern world” and look at us as if we live in the dark ages, remember the cavemen? Remember what you once called naked savages. Have you looked in your own back yard? What is the difference? Is it that your material is manmade whereas theirs is natural?

While the west quotes Lawrence of Arabia, let me remind them of Evelyn Waugh ; “You can’t ever tell what’s going to hurt people” and “beneath the veneer of civilization”.

The world is transparent today and the pretense to care in the name of humanity makes one wonder why the concerned who advocate for peace have yet to turn around and start condemnation via the masses on their weapon manufacturers, their chemical warfare thriving industries and put a halt to their oil hungry establishments as well as individuals. In the name of humanity if they would stop the source there wouldn’t be any man made human suffering around the world.

As an example and ever since their independence on the 4th of July 1776 America has brutally invaded close to 70 countries and they are still working on more. Each and every country has its own horrific story of the devastation at the cost innocent civilians.

In 1945 after World War II the United Nations was apparently formed to replace the League of Nations in order to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. How much dialogue have we actually seen? And how many wars have actually been driven by them?

The “Security” council followed shortly with its first session held on the 17th of January 1946 at Church House, Westminster in London. The security is in the name of their security, their interests, not the interests of the rest of the world.

Despite the formation of the UN and the platform for dialogue, American imperialism has made a major contribution to more than one billion global avoidable deaths in the period 1950-2005. Britain, America’s oldest ally has invaded nearly 90% of the world and has also been an active partner contributing towards “humanity”. As for the French

To the Arab world again, have you looked at the members of the Security Council? First, over 70 United Nations Member States have never been Members of the Security Council. Why?

A State which is a Member of the United Nations but not of the Security Council may participate, without a vote, in its discussions when the Council considers that that country’s interests are affected. Both Members and non-members of the United Nations, if they are parties to a dispute being considered by the Council, may be invited to take part, without a vote, in the Council’s discussions; the Council sets the conditions for participation by a non-member State.

It is clear who runs the world and who the major decision makers are. Like a “Handful of Dust” a “handful of countries”. A few who assume they define our fate. I’m not saying that we should get on board, I am merely stating facts. How sweet and democratic that the same countries are exporting and imposing their facade at the cost of our people.

According to their mandate the UN Charter established six main organs of the United Nations, including the Security Council. It gives primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security to the Security Council, which may meet whenever peace is threatened. What are they really talking about? World peace or just when their peace is threatened?

As they claim primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security here comes a question. What have they done to maintain this peace and security? In fact they have been busy doing quite the opposite by trying to impose their democratic facade via their paid activists  around the world and in the process look at the Arab world today.

Maps from Martin Weiss – Weiss research


What about the rest of humanity? Where is the peace and stability and security they claim to be working for, they claim to care for? Look around the Arab and Muslim world today, are we enjoying security and peace? All I can see are graves and tombstones and all I can see is more and more in our soil while they bask on our blood.

Again in the words of a friend who once shared a very important opinion;

“Every Wall Starts With A Single Brick”

We are the world today. To be part of it on this day, at this point in history is both cumbersome and sobering. While we face the days ahead, I can’t help but feel the crushing weight of a doomed future. We’ve watched one war ignite the next for God knows what new paper crusade.

We have allowed corruption to become the new normal and have been driven to the brink of economic famine by all who worship the “almighty dollar”. There is no room in the world for intricate conspiracy. Man seeks power to place himself above all others, therein creating a system that rewards greed. Power always paves the way for abuse and this has become commonplace within us and around us. It’s the simple truth. It’s the catalyst that drives our weak, immoral need to take and take and take, no matter how much misery or indignity we may cause to others.

As humans, we rightfully seek the means to insure the preservation of our species, our communities, our families, our selves. The survival of one is contingent on the survival of the collective. The Arab collective, once splintered by tribe, clan, or territory, was united and fortified with the arrival of Islam, if only for a short time.

From that moment until this very day, we have been fighting for our very right to exist among those who would call themselves our betters. Our history is riddled with invasions from every pillager under the sun.

If it wasn’t the Crusaders murdering and raping in the name of Christianity, it was The Persians in the name of their Nazi-pagan gods. Needless to mention the Mongols who burned down our cities, filling the Euphrates with our books and our blood, the Romans who enslaved and crucified us …… To this very day, the name is all that changes, so to whom does the blame fall?

Us, Every one of us every human that walks this earth that God created as a paradise that we destroy each second of each day.

We have allowed borders chalked by foreign hands to ferment in our minds, to the point that we’ve alienated each other on an individual level and reaffirm this by establishing stereotypes to cast our differences in stone.

There are 21 Arab nations. 18 of these nations are free and of one true faith. That’s 18 leaderships for one people. Yet none of them are wise enough nor brave enough to make the greater sacrifice. Egocentrism trickles down the hierarchies of our societies, each clinging to what power we can muster. We’ve lost sight of the big picture.

To those of you who think your caste and station has been epitomized, I simply ask this: Who is it that reveres you? Who reckons you as formidable?

Is it the Iranians? … The Iranians have been bastardizing our faith for almost 1,400 years, our faith to which we attribute the only identity we have. We make the mistake of saying that they are plotting to destroy us. They aren’t plotting anymore, brothers and sisters, they are executing. In Iraq our people are being humiliated tortured and killed, our women are being raped while cultists cleanse the streets, violating our mosques, spit on our holy books, and strip us of any ownership or right. The Arab world falls deaf and blind as we forget our faith. The best we can do is bicker amongst ourselves. Our brothers and sisters in Syria have been more recently acquainted to the same fate, by the same hands and once again, the most we offer them is verbal condemnation and displays of political bravado.

Iran’s proxy fired three rockets inside Kuwait’s maritime border; again we display our spineless impotence. It’s only a matter of time before the next victim is claimed. No it’s not the Iranian Regime completely, but they are the pushing force meddling with their citizens dispatched worldwide claiming nationality from the US and the west in general.

So why is the American Government assisting them? While they call themselves our allies and friends, their actions contradict them. The United States is a logical beast. Not driven by a thousand year old grudge but a consistent and in-discriminant policy to keep anyone they have something to gain from too weak to revolt. So they assist Iran with their agenda, little do they know that once they crush the Arab’s they will be too weak to crush the Iran regime. Wake up.

Meanwhile they support the Israeli’s who stripped the Palestinians of their lands, induce anti-Muslim propaganda in their news and media yet fail to report on Welayat Al Faqih because most of the propaganda machine is controlled by them, indoctrinate the Arab world with their redefinition of freedom, resulting in those of us who sever their connections to their Arab-Islamic heritage, regurgitating the rhetoric and narratives of the Zionist movement, While the US echoes their will through the so-called international community (the UN), which has been under the control and in the service of the US government since the end of the Cold War.

Finally they dupe us into debt, allowing them to seize our resources. I have no reason to disbelieve that the Americans are behind the unrest that plagued us these past few months and yes Iran is pushing them all the way or should I say, they are hand in hand.

Egypt and Libya, for example may have had corrupt leaders, but the people who will form the new leaderships will be nothing more than puppets. A time will come where the people of those nations will realize they are still forsaken. The only way I see to lift us from this state of attrition and indignation are by achieving the following steps:


The Arab Spring has taught me something. We aren’t free. We do have dictators oppressing us, but not within our borders. We’re the descendants of colonial imprisonment and the inheritors of neo colonial slavery and bullying. We need the will and the wisdom to unite and the initiative has to be taken by our leaders to deliver us into a new era as a superpower under one leadership who’s sovereignty is respected and who’s strength deters our enemies.

There is a reason why the US, China and Russia don’t meddle in each other’s affairs. Yes there are Muslims around the world who are not Arab and some who are stronger allies than any who would call themselves as such, but the Quran came down to our Prophet (pbuh) in Arabic and we need to serve as an example for our fellow brothers and sisters.


We need to reduce foreign imports as much as possible and depend on ourselves to build everything we need. Not only do we collectively have the resources to build our nation from scratch, but pioneering these home grown industries ourselves will offer a new factor to combat the job crisis in the Middle East. And that’s occupational diversity.

By pioneering our technology industries, our defense industries, agriculture, aquaculture, sustainable energy, automobiles, airplanes and so on, we determine our future. Pursuit of education is paramount, and maximizing the quality of our education in every conceivable field is equally important.

There are fields we will need to establish by learning outside, but there will be things some outsiders won’t teach us, which we can learn through more willing affiliates, especially in the defense industry (I’m talking about everything from bullets and guns to Spy satellites and ICBMs) .

We are more than 250 million strong. 

We can fund the research centers, find or create the talent, build the factories and compete significantly for global superiority. Our leadership should start by creating targeted education programs to fill the gaps it needs.

We have the people, we have the resources, we have the money, we just need the vision, determination and a little hard work to see it through.

As Arabs we have a problem, we always boast our culture and moral values, however when it is comes to resolving our disputes with one another, we always use bullets, fire, stones and violence.

Isn’t it time for a change to resolve our differences with dialogue? It does not harm to shout, raise your voice, scream at one another and it’s much easier and cheaper than fighting.

A person places their hand over their mouth for fifty years and suddenly removes it, what is expected of them? They will explode saying things that you will never expect, but it’s alot better than fighting one another to our death, while the world pokes and watches us destroy the very Arab brotherly and sisterly ties we had once held together. While the world watches us destroy and promote our very own destruction. One by one.


Behind every strong nation is a great army. We need to build a stronger deployable force to encounter any foreign threats together. By achieving the goal above, we can properly equip them. We can also benefit from each other’s former conflicts, study them and draw up new strategies. Why pay an outsider money to protect your borders? Especially if that outsider may fail to answer your call. Don’t leave yourself open to weakness. Render your foreign military agreements unnecessary.


All of our men should learn the art of war. We need to form dormant militias and train our people in asymmetrical warfare if ever there is a time of need. Since sleeper cells already reside within our weakened nation states, this will be the best defense against them.

A nation of warriors will make any foreign or domestic threat think twice. Learn from Iraq.


The extremists that follow “Welayat Al Faqih” have been planning for years as the west has been strengthening them. Isn’t it time we have a plan of our own? We can reduce this to 10 or 20 years with hard labor. We should be ready to liberate the Arabs by now. Should the Iranians and the West declare war, we will be ready to purge this world of their evil once and for all, although if the steps above are achieved, they will unveil their cowardice and fall back. While they regroup and draw new plans so shall we.

Even as I began writing this, I can see your resistant, defeatist expressions going through my mind. I can hear your comments of dismissal and belittlement as you discuss this with your peers or think to yourself, as if you were scolding me for even voicing this article.

I can feel your hesitance and disbelief. You will call me a pessimist, an optimist or a dreamer. At best you will nod, agree and discard. I have no delusions. I too don’t believe the words on this page will change a thing. We will be assimilated with the rest of the world, walking as remnants of our former selves, our identity dying a slow death as the Tartars and the Berbers before us.

If we fall tomorrow, then mark my words: we are the architects. It doesn’t surprise me when evil men do evil things, but when good men fail to act, I’m at a loss for words.

There’s nothing left to say except that I can never lose faith in Allah…….. but I have lost all my faith in you.

Prove me wrong, if it’s not too late.